Westcott HitFilm 2 Ultimate Video Editing Software (Boxed)

Product Code: WEST9000B

Availability:Out of stock

Westcott HitFilm 2 Ultimate Video Editing Software (Boxed)

Product Code: WEST9000B

Availability:Out of stock

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  • Multi-track video editing
  • Professional green screen removal;1
  • Advanced color correction & grading;12. Automated motion blur & depth of field;13. Integration with Vegas Pro 12 from Sony Creative Software;14. GPU hardware acceleration
  • Over 150 effects
  • 2D & 3D compositing
  • Import & animate 3D models
  • Motion tracking with optical flow and template match
  • Includes mocha HitFilm from Imagineer Systems for 3D camera solving
  • World class, fully customizable particle simulator
  • Advanced simulation effects
  • 3D lights and shadowsEasy to use
    Incredible power in an intuitive interface. Fast to learn, with limitless potential for discovery

    Multi-track video editing
    HitFilm's editor includes all the essential editing tools

    150 effects included
    ripple, roll, slip and slide, plus timeline graphs for opacity and volume

    World class particle simulator
    HitFilm 2 Ultimate includes over 150 professional effects. Design unique, high quality visuals for your projects with vast customization options and an intuitive interface. No plug-ins required

    Work with 3D models
    Design your own 3D particle effects with physics-driven behaviour including deflectors with impact reactions

    2D &amp

    3D tracking

    Built-in support for using 3D models inside HitFilm, with lights, shadows, motion blur and depth of field. It's a revolutionary workflow

    Organic particle arrays
    Super-fast optical flow feature tracking plus mocha HitFilm for planar tracking and 3D camera solving. The perfect tracking solution

    Import 3D camera tracking data
    Create stunning, organic, fractal animations with hundreds of thousands of particles. The shapes can even animate automatically to music

    Procedural destruction
    Camera tracking data from software such as PFHoe, SynthEyes, Boujou and Voodoo can be imported to HitFilm 2 Ultimate, enabling advanced 3D compositing

    Grunge &amp


    Shatter your videos and images into thousands of 3D fragments, add realistic gunfire to your props, create electrical storms and splash blood across your lens

    Lights &amp


    Age your video with realistic film &amp

    TV damage, lens dirt, artificial grain, automatic shake and optical flow motion blur

    Superior 2D &amp

    3D compositing

    Design your own lens flares and have them lock automatically to the brightest parts of your frame. Create volumetric light rays and anamorphic streaks for beautiful lens effects

    Keying &amp

    matte creation

    Combine traditional 2D layer compositing with an advanced 3D workspace and sophisticated animation controls

    Lights &amp


    Professional, fully featured chroma key for green screen removal and a wide range of tools for perfecting and enhancing your composites

    Depth of field
    Create lights in 3D space that cast realistic shadows. Essential for matching the lighting in your live action shots

    Motion blur
    HitFilm's 3D cameras work just like real cameras, with optional depth of field automatically blurring layers based on their relative distance from the lens
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