Westcott PhotoKey 5 Pro Photo Green Screen Software

Product Code: WEST5000B

Availability:Out of stock

Westcott PhotoKey 5 Pro Photo Green Screen Software

Product Code: WEST5000B

Availability:Out of stock

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  • Instant green screen removal
  • Extended spill suppression & freehand masking
  • Easy background replacement
  • Ability to choose any backdrop
  • Text Editor
  • 12 effects & color correction filtersInstant green screen removal
    PhotoKey instantly and effortlessly removes the green screen from a photo as soon as it has been imported.

    Cutting edge green screen technology
    PhotoKey 5's advanced green screen removal technology is designed to work with difficult subjects including fine hair and semi-transparent objects.

    Choose your background
    You can use any image for your background. Work with your own photos or images from stock libraries to find the perfect complement for your green screen photography.

    25 free images included
    PhotoKey 5 now comes with 25 high quality, royalty free background images so that you can get started right away.

    Fast & easy to use
    PhotoKey's workflow-based interface guides you through the process, with basic green screen removal only taking a handful of clicks and a few seconds. The new Home and Help screens provide easy access to training and assistance if needed.

    New spill suppression method
    Advanced spill simulation techniques create high quality, realistic composites with natural lighting.

    Creative freedom
    PhotoKey introduces you to the exciting possibilities of digital compositing. Design posters, magazine covers, greeting cards and realistic, multi-layered images.

    Ideal for portraits
    Green screen photography gives you maximum control over your images. Experiment with different backgrounds without needing lots of practical backings or expensive locations.

    Enhance your photos
    Included with PhotoKey is a selection of color filters and special effects for adjusting the appearance of your images.

    Creating captions, titles and annotations for your images is a simple process. Access to all your fonts and rotate and position the text anywhere on your canvas.

    Add additional images, logos, frames and watermarks to stamp your own unique style on your creations.

    EXIF data compatible
    PhotoKey now reads EXIF data from photographs to ensure that your images are displayed and exported correctly every time.

    Free video tutorials
    A series of free video tutorials are available for free from FXhome.com. They'll turn you into a PhotoKey expert in no time.

    Comprehensive documentation
    In addition to the free video tutorials PhotoKey is provided with a detailed online manual. Quickly search for the feature you want to use and discover everything you need to know.

    Instant access to help
    Assistance is never far away with instant access to video tutorials and the online manual from right inside PhotoKey 5.

    Support multiple formats
    PhotoKey imports and exports JPEG, PNG and TIFF image formats for maximum compatibility with your other software and hardware.
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