FujiFilm X-T20 Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm Lens (Black)

Product Code: FJ16543016

Availability:Out of stock

FujiFilm X-T20 Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm Lens (Black)

Product Code: FJ16543016

Availability:Out of stock

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  • X-Trans CMOS III sensor & X-Processor Pro
  • Touchscreen Operation
  • AF-C Custom Setting
  • 4K Video Recording
  • Advanced SR AUTO mode

The Fujifilm X-T20 Mirrorless Camera blends the look and feel of a classic film camera with cutting edge digital technology from Fujifilm. The X-T20 utilizes a 24.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III image sensor and the X-Processor Pro Engine to provide you outstanding image quality and fast performance. The X-T20 is a compact and agile camera with high speed processing power to make the most out of every memory. The lightweight X-T20 allows you to capture high quality images exactly as you see them with the nostalgic feel of dial-based controls.

24.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III Sensor and X-Processor Pro Engine

The processor and sensor can keep up with 8fps of continuous shooting (14fps with electronic shutter) with 27 consecutive RAW files. The ISO sensitivity can go up to 12800 and can be expanded to 100-51200 for difficult low light scenes. The 24.3MP X-Trans sensor uses a random pixel array to produce more nuanced colors and smooth tonal transitions to closely resemble film. The random pixel array also reduces moiré and aliasing without the need for a sharpness-robbing low-pass filter. The sensor and image processor work together to allow fast performance throughout the camera system. That means fast start-up time, reduced shutter lag time, reduced blackout time, faster burst mode, and improved AF tracking.

Intelligent Hybrid 325-Point Autofocus

The X-T20 has up to 325-points of AF with both phase and contrast detection points to allow for quick and accurate autofocus. The AF points cover a large part of the frame where you are most likely to position a subject. The X-T20 allows you to quickly and easily select focus points and AF zones using the touch screen LCD to simply press where you want your focus to be. The X-T20 also has AF-C presets for a variety of difficult situations including ignoring obstacles and accelerating/decelerating subjects.

Body and Controls

The X-T20 has an intuitive set of controls familiar to most photographers that includes a drive dial, shutter setting dial and exposure compensation dial across the top plate for easy access. Controls can even be manipulated with the camera off to save battery. The X-T20 features a 3.0-inch tilting touchscreen LCD that displays 1.04m dots, allowing you to navigate through menus, change AF points, swipe through images, and pinch to zoom while reviewing photos. Images and video can also be composed using the 0.39-inch 2.36m dot electronic viewfinder that allows for a bright and clear viewing experience with a quick refresh rate that keeps up with camera movements. The EVF can show your scenes with effects and exposure settings in real-time, allowing you to preview the photo before taking it. The X-T20 also has SR Auto modes that allow for fully automatic shooting without changing any settings, great for passing off to the waiter or your grandma.

The X-T20 is constructed using magnesium alloy to create a strong and lightweight camera. The compact camera body sits comfortably in your hand and weighs in at a miniscule 383g (13.5 ounces).


The X-T20 is able to shoot up to UHD 4K (3840x2160) at 30fps (100 mbps bit-rate) and full HD at 60 fps without moiré or artifacts. The X-T20 includes an HDMI out allowing you to use an external monitor for live view and review. A microphone input has also been included for an external microphone if necessary. The X-T20 has multiple film simulations based on Fuji’s film that can be applied to your video to allow for creative effects without any post processing.


Built-in WiFi allows wireless transfer of images to connected mobile devices. A mobile device can also be used as a remote control over camera settings and shutter.

Model Name


Number of effective pixels

24.3 millions pixels

Image sensor

23.6mm x 15.6mm(APS-C)X-Trans CMOS III with primarycolor filter.

Sensor Cleaning system

Ultra Sonic Vibration

Storage media

SD Card (-2G) / SDHC Card (-32G) / SDXC Card (-256G)UHS-I*1

File format

Still image

JPEG (Exif Ver.2.3)*2, RAW : 14bit RAW(RAForiginal format), RAW+JPEG


MOV (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264, Audio : Linear PCM / Stereosound 48KHz sampling)

Number of recorded pixels

L: (3:2) 6000 x 4000 / (16:9) 6000 x 3376 / (1:1) 4000x 4000
M: (3:2) 4240 x 2832 / (16:9) 4240 x 2384 / (1:1) 2832x 2832
S: (3:2) 3008 x 2000 / (16:9) 3008 x 1688 / (1:1) 2000x 2000

L: 2160 x 9600 (Horizontal : 9600 x 1440)
M: 2160 x 6400 (Horizontal : 6400 x 1440)

Lens mount



Standard Output Sensitivity : AUTO1 / AUTO2 / AUTO3(upto ISO12800) / ISO200 to 12800(1/3 EV step)
Extended output sensitivity : ISO100 / 25600 / 51200

Exposure control

TTL 256-zone metering, Multi / Spot / Average / CenterWeighted

Exposure mode

P(Program AE) / A(Aperture Priority AE) / S(ShutterSpeed Priority AE) / M(Manual Exposure)

Exposure compensation

-5.0EV - +5.0EV, 1/3EV step
(movie recording : -2.0EV - +2.0EV)

Image Stabilizer

Supported with OIS type lenses

Shutter type

Focal Plane Shutter

Shutter speed

Mechanical Shutter

4 sec. to 1/4000 sec.(P mode), 30 sec. to 1/4000sec.(All modes)
Bulb mode(up to 60 min), TIME : 30 sec. to 1/4000 sec.

Electronic Shutter*3

4 sec. to 1/4000 sec.(P mode)
1 sec. to 1/32000 sec. (P / A / S / M modes)
Bulb mode : 1 sec. fixed, TIME : 1sec to 1/32000sec.

Mechanical + Electronic Shutter

4 sec. to 1/32000 sec.(P mode), 30 sec. to 1/32000sec.(All modes)
Bulb mode(up to 60 min), TIME : 30 sec. to 1/32000 sec.

Synchronized shutter speed for flash

1/180 sec. or slower

Continuous shooting

Approx. 14.0 fps [Only Electronic Shutter](JPEG: 42frames Lossless compression RAW: 23 frame UncompressedRAW: 22 frames)
Approx. 11.0 fps [Only Electronic Shutter](JPEG: 56frames Lossless compression RAW: 24 frame UncompressedRAW: 23 frames)
Approx. 8.0 fps (JPEG: 62 frames Lossless compressionRAW: 25 frame Uncompressed RAW: 23 frames)
Approx. 5.0 fps (JPEG: 68 frames Lossless compressionRAW: 28 frame Uncompressed RAW: 25 frames)
Approx. 4.0 fps (JPEG: 73 frames Lossless compressionRAW: 29 frame Uncompressed RAW: 25 frames)
Approx. 3.0 fps (JPEG: 81 frames Lossless compressionRAW: 32 frame Uncompressed RAW: 27 frames)

  • * recordable frames depends on recording media
  • * Speed of continuous shooting depends on shootingenvironment and shooting frames

Auto bracketing

AE Bracketing(±2EV / ±5/3EV / ±4/3EV / ±1EV / ±2/3EV /±1/3EV)
Film simulation bracketing(Any 3 types of filmsimulation selectable)
Dynamic Range Bracketing (100% • 200% • 400%)
ISO sensitivity Bracketing (±1/3EV / ±2/3EV / ±1EV)
White Balance Bracketing (±1 / ±2 / ±3)



Single AF / Continuous AF / MF


Intelligent Hybrid AF (TTL contrast AF / TTL phasedetection AF)

AF frame selection

Single point AF: EVF / LCD: 13x7 / 25x13 (Changeablesize of AF frame among 5 types),
Zone AF: 3x3 / 5x5 / 7x7 from 91 areas on 13x7 grid,
Wide/Tracking AF: (up to 18 area)

  • * AF-S : Wide
  • * AF-C : Tracking

White balance

Automatic scene recognition / Custom / Colortemperature selection (K) / Preset : Daylight, Shade,Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (WarmWhite), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescentlight, Underwater


10sec. / 2sec.

Interval timer shooting

Yes (Setting : Interval, Number of shots, Startingtime)


Manual pop-up flash (Super Intelligent Flash)
Guide number : approx. 7 (ISO200 • m) / approx. 5(ISO100 • m)

Flash modes





Hot shoe

Yes (Dedicated TTL Flash compatible)


0.39-in., approx. 2,360K-dot OLED color viewfinder,Coverage of viewing area vs. capturing area : approx.100%
Eye point : approx. 17.5mm ( from the rear end of thecamera's eyepiece), Diopter adjustment : -4m ~ +2m-1(dpt)
Magnification : 0.62x with 50mm lens(35mm formatequivalent) at infinity and diopter set to -1m-1.
Diagonal angle of view : approx. 30°( Horizontal angleof view : approx. 25°) Built-in eye sensor

LCD monitor

3.0-inch, aspect ratio 3:2,
approx. 1040K-dot Tilt-type TFT color LCD monitor(approx. 100% coverage)

Movie recording

[4K (3840x2160)] 29.97p / 25p / 24p / 23.98P, 100MbpsContinuous recording : up to approx. 10 min.
[Full HD (1920x1080)] 59.94p / 50p / 29.97p / 25p / 24p/ 23.98P, 36Mbps Continuous recording : up to approx.15 min.
[HD (1280x720)] 59.94p / 50p / 29.97p / 25p / 24p /23.98P, 18Mbps Continuous recording : up to approx. 30min.

  • * For 4K movie recording, use a card with UHS SpeedClass 3 or higher.
  • * Although movie recording will continue withoutinterruption when the file size reaches 4 GB,subsequent footage will be recorded to a separatefile which must be viewed separately.

Photography functions

Advanced SR AUTO, Face / Eye detection AF, Auto Red-eyeRemoval, Select custom setting, Panorama, Color space,Setting (Color, Sharpness, D-range, Highlight tone,Shadow tone), Framing guideline, Frame No. memory,Histogram display, Preview depth of focus, LensModulatioon Optimizer, Pre-AF, Focus check, Focus PeakHighlight, Digital Split Image™ *4,Electronic level, Multiple exposure, Release priority /Focus priority selection, Fn button setting , ISO AUTOcontrol, Instant AF setting (AF-S/AF-C), AF-C CUSTOMSETTINGS , SHUTTER AF , SHUTTER AE , AF-ON , Interlockspot AE & Focus area, Focus area setting, AEL/AFLbutton setting, Edit/Save Quick menu, Preview exp./WBin manual mode, Shutter Type, Touch Screen Setting

Touch Screen Mode

Shooting Mode

Touch Shooting, AF, Focus Area, OFF

Playback Mode

Swipe, Zoom, Pinch-in / Pinch-out, Double-tap, Drag

Film Simulation mode

15 modes (PROVIA / Standard, Velvia / Vivid, ASTIA /Soft, Classic Chrome, PRO Neg.Hi, PRO Neg.Std,Black& White, Black& White+Ye Filter,Black& White+R Filter, Black& White+GFilter,Sepia, ACROS, ACROS+Ye Filter, ACROS+R Filter, ACROS+GFilter)

Grain Effect


Dynamic range setting

AUTO, 100%, 200%, 400%

Advanced filter

Toy camera / Miniature / Pop color / High-key / Low-key/ Dynamic tone / Soft focus / Partial color (Red /Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple)

Playback functions

RAW conversion, Image rotate, Auto image rotate, FaceDetection, Red-eye removal, Photobook assist, Eraseselected frames, Multi-frame playback (with microthumbnail), Slide show, Protect, Crop, Resize,Panorama, Favorites

Wireless transmitter


IEEE 802.11b / g / n (standard wireless protocol)


WEP / WPA / WPA2 mixed mode

Access mode


Wireless function

Geotagging, Wireless communication (Image transfer),View & Obtain Images, Remote camera shooting, PCAutosave, instax printer print

Other functions

Exif Print, 35 Languages, Date/Time, Time difference,Sound & Flash OFF, Performance Setting, Previewexp. in Manual mode, LCD Brightness, LCD Color, PreviewPic. Effect, DISP. Custom Setting , Copyright Setting


Digital interface

USB2.0 (High-Speed) / micro USB terminal

  • * connectable with Remote Release RR-90 (soldseparately)

HDMI output

HDMI micro connector (Type D)


F2.5mm, stereo mini connector [Microphone]

Power supply

NP-W126S Li-ion battery (included)

Battery life for still images*5

Approx. 350 frames (When XF35mmF1.4 R is set, LCDmonitor ON)

Actual battery life of movie capture*5

  • *Face detection is set to OFF

4K: approx. 50 min., FULL HD: approx. 60 min.

Continuance battery life of movie capture*5

  • *Face detection is set to OFF

4K: approx. 70 min., FULL HD: approx. 95 min.


118.4mm (W) x 82.8mm (H) x 41.4mm (D) / 4.66in. (W) x3.26in. (H) x 1.63in. (D)
(Minimum Depth : 31.9mm / 1.3 in.)


Approx. 383g / 13.5 oz. (including battery and memorycard)
Approx. 333g / 11.8 oz. (excluding accessories, batteryand memory card)

Operating Temperature

0°C - 40°C (+32°F - +104°F)C

Operating Humidity

10 - 80% (no condensation)

Starting up period

Approx 0.4sec.

  • * Fujifilm research

Accessories included

Li-ion battery NP-W126S
Battery charger BC-W126
Body cap
Shoulder strap
Metal strap clip
Protective cover
Clip attaching tool
Owner's manual

  • *1 Please see the Fujifilm website (https://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/compatibility/card/x/) to check memory card compatibility.
  • *2 Exif 2.3 is a digital camera file format that contains a variety ofshooting information for optimal printing.
  • *3 The Electronic Shutter may not be suitable for fast-moving objects.Flash can not be used.
  • *4 Digital Split Image is a trademark or a registered trademark ofFUJIFILM Corporation.
  • *5 Approximate number of frames / period that can be taken with afully-charged battery based on CIPA standard.

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