Joby GorillaPod Original Flexible Mini-Tripod (Black-Charcoal)


Availability:Out of stock

Joby GorillaPod Original Flexible Mini-Tripod (Black-Charcoal)


Availability:Out of stock

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Quick-Release clip

Stays connected to your camera for instant setup!

Over two dozen leg joints

Bend and rotate 360° giving you the flexibility to set up anywhere

Rubberized ring and foot grips

Provide enhanced stability on difficult terrain

Color: Black/Charcoal

Using the GorillaPod Original Camera Tripod
with Point and Shoot Cameras

We spend a lot of time playing around with GorillaPods and over the past few years we've gotten GorillaPod positioning down to a science. Here is our guide for how to get the most out of your GorillaPod Original flexible camera tripod.

The flexible joints of GorillaPod Original can bend and rotate 360°, which offers infinite positioning possibilities for your point and shoot camera. If you position your camera tripod legs correctly, you camera can stay secure and balanced for hours.

Step 1: Stabilize the left and right sides

Secure one leg to the left of your camera, and then secure one leg to the right of your camera. By positioning one leg to the left and one to the right, you prevent the camera from slipping sideways.

Step 2: Prevent the camera from moving forwards or backwards

The third tripod leg should be used to prevent the camera from slipping forwards or backwards. By positioning one leg directly in front of your camera, you prevent the camera from drooping, slipping or sliding forward.

Conversely, place the third leg directly behind the camera if you feel it tilting backwards.

Step 3: Adjust your camera

Once the GorillaPod legs are secure, grip the GorillaPod Original with one hand. With your other hand, adjust the position of your camera so the subject of your photo is perfectly framed. Better photographs in three easy steps!

FREE Universal Smartphone Holder Tripod Adapter included so you can use this tripod with most point and shoot cameras and also with most smartphone cameras (without the case) like:
iPhone 3g, 4, 4S, 5, 5s, 5c
iPod touch,
HTC One,
Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5, N7000, Note II, Note III,
Blackberry Z10,Q10,
Motorola Android, Moto X, Droid Maxx
Google Nexus 5

GorillaPod Original Specifications

Designed for:

Point and shoot cameras

Pocket Video cameras

Holds up to:




Product Weight:



  • -High-quality Japanese ABS plastic

  • -Durable German TPE ruber grip rings

  • -Custom stainless steel ¼” camera screw

Color: Black/Charcoal

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