Olympus WS-803 Recorder W-Battery (Black)

Product Code: 641559059

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Olympus WS-803 Recorder W-Battery (Black)

Product Code: 641559059

Availability:Out of stock

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Olympus WS-803 Recorder W/Battery Features:

Do-It All With The Best Quality - Record, Listen, And Store.
The WS-803 features two internal directional condenser microphones, achieving the best ever quality in sound recording for this series. Great new features include Voice Playback, Voice Balancer, and Voice Changer. As with all our WS recorders, the WS-803 boasts direct connect USB connection, calendar search function, and plenty of memory with 8GB internal and microSD compatible. The FM radio function gives you music on the go!

  • 2,043 Hours Of Recording Time - 8GB Memory And Micro SD Removable Media
    With 8GB of internal memory and 2,043 hours of recording time, you'll be able to capture notes, lectures, and more - and still have room to store documents. The device also features a microSD slot with the potential to hold up to 32GB of additional memory.

  • New Voice Balancer Function
    Voice Balancer adjusts voice levels to compensate for distance. This is perfect for interviews or meetings where one person's voice might drown our others based on there the recorder is located.

  • New Voice Playback Function
    Voice Playback allows you to skip the non-voice portions of a recording and only playback the parts with recorded voices, making for more seamless recordings and easier to transcribe files.

  • Voice Changer Function
    Allows users to change the pitch of a voice.

  • Direct Link To Your MAC/PC.
    With the USB Direct design, it is easy to transfer your files over to your Mac or PC. Just plug the recorder right into your computer for fast downloads - no cables needed.

  • USB Storage Device With Battery Charge Function
    The recorder can connect directly to a PC with the built-in USB connector. You can transfer data and also charge the battery. It is equipped with a microSD slot so connection with PC's are even more convenient.

  • PCM, MP3 & WMA Recording
    Record and playback in the format of your choice. With three compatible formats, the WS-803 offers more versatility and enables expanded recording capacity.

  • FM Radio
    Users will be able to listen to and record radio through a built-in FM tuner.

  • Noise Cancellation
    Dampen or minimize unwanted background sounds - so you record a clean, high-quality audio file.

  • Calendar Search Function
    The Calendar Search Function allows you to easily search for files by date and play them back with ease.

  • Manual Recording Level Adjustment
    You can adjust the recording level at will based on the volume of the recording subject to maximize the use of dynamic range.

  • Zoom MIC
    New built-in algorithms realize more powerful directional performance. Works well when recording from a distant position or in noisy environments.

    Wherever you are, whether it's a conference room, large hall, or at home dictating, the microphones will automatically adjust to capture the best sound depending on your setting.

  • 99 Index Marks And File Move
    Set up to 99 index marks per file with peace of mind.

Olympus WS-803 Recorder W/Battery Specifications:

  • Recording Format: PCM, MP3 and WMA
  • Recording Media: Built-in 8GB flash memory
  • Recording Time:
    44.1k/16bit: 12hr 5min
    WMA Stereo:
    128 kbps: 132hr
    64 kbps: 261hr
    WMA Mono:
    32 kbps: 522hr
    16 kbps: 1028hr
    8 kbps: 2043hr
    192 kbps: 66hr 30min
    128 kbps: 133hr
  • PC Interface: USB port
  • Folders Messages: 5 / 200 per folder
  • Overall Frequency Response:
    44.1k/16bit: 40 - 21,000Hz
    WMA Stereo:
    128 kbps: 40 - 19,000Hz
    64 kbps: 40 - 16,000Hz
    WMA Mono:
    32 kbps: 40 - 16,000Hz
    16 kbps: 40 - 8,000Hz
    8 kbps: 40 - 3,000Hz
    192 kbps: 40 - 19,000Hz
    128 kbps: 40 - 17,000Hz
  • Speaker: 18mm round dynamic speaker
  • Power Supply: One AAA alkaline or One AAA Ni-MH battery
  • Battery Life: Approximately 27 hours (LP)
  • Size: 100.2mm (W) × 40mm (H) × 14.8mm (D)
Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

- Olympus WS-803 Recorder
- 1 AAA battery

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