Pentax Q-7 Hybrid ILC System Camera (Body Only)

Product Code: PX10405

Availability:Out of stock

Pentax Q-7 Hybrid ILC System Camera (Body Only)

Product Code: PX10405

Availability:Out of stock

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  • 1/1.7” back-illuminated CMOS image sensor producing an effective 12.4 megapixel
  • 120 customizable color combination
  • Customizable quick dial with 4 programmable options
  • Full HD videos
  • RAW support with in-camera RAW processing
  • ISO 100-1600
  • Eye-Fi card compatible

Q-7 Hybrid ILC System Camera (Body Only) packs a lot of features in a small frame making it ideally suitable for the purpose of everyday photography needs. It is built around a 1/1.7” backlit CMOS sensor producing an effective 12.4 megapixel, has an ISO sensitivity of 100-12800, a continuous fast shooting speed of 5 fps and full HD video shooting capability. It can create in-body HDR photos combining three different exposures, has a in-body RAW processing capability and an in-body sensor-shift type shake reduction system (image stabilization) for sharper pictures.

Real Camera. Real Small. Real Fun.

Ramp up your fun and your image size with the PENTAX Q7, the smallest, lightest interchangeable lens system in the world, now featuring an upgraded 1/1.7 inch, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, available in 120 edgy color combinations that are sure to match your personality and style. Expand your artistic endeavors with the Q-mount’s family of seven specialty lenses including the new mount-shield lens for a dreamy pinhole-camera effect. Maximize your creativity with the Q7’s outstanding bokeh control, and its 19 smart effects and filters for more expression and image quality than your cell phone ever dreamt of. Share your shots with eye-fi card compatibility for fast and easy image transfer. Pocket your super-compact, lightweight Q7 and take your colors with you everywhere you go for effortless, inspired photography—at the party, on the beach, or even on your way to work. It’s your world, your camera, your way, with the PENTAX Q7.

Customizable in 120 colors

Have some fun, or design something with a special someone in mind, and custom create a super unique Q7—choose from 120 bold color combinations that are sure to match any personality and style.

Q-Mount Compatible with system of lenses

The PENTAX Q-mount system is a complete line up of lightweight, compact PENTAX Q-lenses, made with every photographer’s desires in mind. Choose from a family of seven specialty PENTAX lenses to use with your Q7—prime, zoom, wide-angle, fish-eye, and the new mount-shield lens for a dreamy pinhole-camera effect. A Q-mount to K-mount adapter is also available for purchase.

Upgraded 1/1.7 inch, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor

Now featuring an upgraded 1/1.7 inch, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, with 12.4 megapixels for larger, more beautiful pictures than ever. Capable of producing 12 bit DNG RAW and JPG images, the backlit CMOS sensor is a highly efficient light-gathering instrument designed specifically to produce very low noise at high levels of sensitivity.

Smart Effects Modes & Creative User Modes

Use the Q7’s 19 different smart effects, creative user modes and filters, all with multi-layering capabilities, for more expression with higher image quality than your cell phone ever dreamt of. Enhance your digital photography by applying any series of these effects to your images—Brilliant Color, Vintage Color, Warm Fade, Bold Monochrome, and Water Color are just some of the Smart Effects available, which can also be assigned to the Q7’s Quick Dial.

Customized Quick Dial

Conveniently choose from a variety of creative modes, Smart Effect options, or camera settings to assign to the Q7’s Quick Dial located on the front of the camera. Easily customize the setting or effect using the Quick Dial’s 4 positions, allowing you to concentrate on photography without having to explore the camera’s menu system.

In-body Sensor-Shift Shake Reduction (SR) Mechanism

Capture stabilized, blur and dust free images even in low lighting courtesy of the Q7’s sensor-shift Shake Reduction system with integrated DRII Dust Reduction. Body-based Shake Reduction operates independently of the Q7’s lenses, allowing the same level of stabilization regardless of lens selection.

Built-In Popup Flash

The Q7’s built-in popup flash adds the perfect amount of extra light to an image, while its high extension naturally reduces the red-eye effect common to compact cameras. The Q7’s flash is effective to 23 feet at 200 ISO, and covers a wide angle 28 degree field of view.

External Viewfinder Available for Purchase

Compose images and video either with the Q7’s LCD monitor or using a shoe-mounted viewfinder attachment available as an optional accessory for the 01 Prime Lens. The External Viewfinder O-VF1 makes an excellent accessory to the Q7, offering outstanding compositional framing, even in the brightest sunlight where viewing an LCD screen can sometimes be a challenge.

Bokeh Control

Enjoy effortless bokeh control with the Q7’s bokeh control filter. Traditionally controlled through a DSLR lens’s aperture, bokeh is the out of focus portion of the background that helps to emphasize the subject, drawing the viewer’s eyes to the most important part of the photo. The Q7 assists the experienced and casual photographer alike by offering a fine degree of extra control over image bokeh via an in-camera filter operation.

3-Inch LCD Monitor with advanced anti-reflection coating

Easily capture or review images and video using the Q7’s large 3 inch LCD monitor. The high quality LCD features HVGA resolution with 460,000 dots, as well as viewing angles up to 170 degrees horizontally and vertically, now with an advanced anti-reflection coating, perfect for use in bright sunlight.

Fast Autofocus

An upgraded auto focus algorithm and image sensor contribute to faster and more accurate auto focus performance than previous models.

Traditional DSLR Modes

Experienced photographers will enjoy the power and flexibility of traditional DSLR shooting modes such as Program, Aperture/Shutter Priority, and Metered Manual exposure control. Yet casual shooters will appreciate the highly convenient automatic modes such as the set-it-and-forget-it PENTAX Auto Picture and 21 scene modes.

HDR Capture

In-camera HDR capture mode shoots 3 images of varying exposures, blending them to bring out the details in even the darkest shadows and brightest highlights of extreme contrast shots.


A built-in micro HDMI port is perfect for outputting high resolution images and video, with sound, to modern HDTVs.

Eye-Fi Card Compatibility

With Eye-Fi wireless LAN SD memory cards, the user can automatically transmit recorded images to a smartphone, and even select favorite images and resize them before transmission.

Fast shooting at 5 FPS and shutter speeds from 1/2000 to 30 seconds

Capture all the fun, even the fastest action with the five frames per second continuous shooting mode, ideal for sporting events, parties, or any fast action situation. Shutter speeds range from 1/2000 to 30 seconds, perfect for freezing fast action or capturing long nighttime exposures. Bulb mode adds flexibility for low light photography and motion effects.

ISO Speeds up to 12800

High sensitivity shooting up to 12800 ISO range improves noise performance throughout, even in low lighting.

In-body raw development

The Q7 includes SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3 software for powerful and flexible RAW file processing. In-camera RAW image development is also supported for quick output of your enhanced jpegs.

Full 1080p h.264 HD video recording

Shoot high quality motion video with stunning full 1080p HD clarity at 30 frames per second. The Q7 efficiently processes the full HD video using high quality h.264 compression for superior color and detail. Explore creative video effects through the use of custom image modes, digital video filters, and interval shooting; or select from a variety of Q-mount lenses to realize your perfect artistic vision.

SD, SDHC, SDXC compatible

The Q7 is compatible with the latest generation SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards for ultra-high capacity storage as well as outstanding image file portability.


Lens-interchangeable SL digital-still camera (Digital Hybrid ILC)



1/1.7” Backlit CMOS w/ primary color filter

Effective pixels


Total pixels


Recorded Resolutions (Pixels)

Still: JPEG

RAW: [4:3]12M(4000x3000)

Quality Levels: RAW (12bit): DNG, JPEG: ??? (Best), ?? (Better), ? (Good)
RAW and JPEG simultaneously recordable



PENTAX bayonet Q-mount

Usable lenses

Q-mount lenses, K-mount lenses (w/ Adapter Q for K Lens).



Contrast detection AF

Autofocus Method

Face Detection, Tracking, AF Select (25 Points), Select, Spot

Focus Method

AF / MF Switching

Brightness Range

EV0 to 18?ISO100)

AF Assist Light

Dedicated LED Lamp

Manual Focus Assist


Focus Peaking




3.0-inch TFT color LCD monitor, wide angle viewing, AR coating

LCD resolution

460,000 dots


Brightness and Color

Field of View

approx. 100%,

Display info

Grid display (4x4 Grid, Golden Section, Scale display),
Bright/dark area warning, Histogram



Built-in retractable P-TTL flash

Guide number

approx. 4.9 (ISO100/m) / approx. 7 (ISO200/m)

Angle of view

coverage: wide angle-lens, equivalent to 28mm in 35mm format

Flash modes

P-TTL, Red-eye Reduction, Slow-speed Sync, Trailing Curtain Sync

Sync Speed

Lens shutter: 1/2000 seconds, Electronic shutter: 1/13 seconds

Flash Exposure Compensation

–2.0 to +1.0 EV


Removable memory

SD, SDHC, SDXC and Eye-Fi Card


Power source

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery D-LI68

Number of recordable images

approx. 250 images (with 50% flash usage),
approx. 260 images (without flash usage)

Playback time

approx.160 minutes
* Using a new lithium-ion battery at 23 °C, (tested in compliance with CIPA standard).

AC adapter

K-AC115 (optional)


Dimensions (W x H x D)

Approx. 4”(W) x 2.3”(H) x1.32” (D) (exc. Operating parts and protrusions)


Without battery or removable memory: approx. 6.35oz (180g)
With battery and memory card: approx. 7oz (200g)

Construction material(s)

Reinforced polycarbonate plastic

Operating temperature



World Time

World Time settings for 75 cities (28 time zones)


Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
and Japanese


Still: Sensor shift Shake Reduction



TTL image sensor metering, segment metering, center-weighted metering, spot

Exposure compensation

EV1 - 17 (ISO 100, F1.9 lens), +2EV using the Electronic Shutter setting or using the built-in ND filter



ISO 100 to 12800 (1/3 EV steps)

Bulb mode

up to ISO 1600



TTL by CMOS image sensor


Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent Light (D: Daylight Color, N: Daylight White,
W: Cool White, L: Warm White), Tungsten, Flash, CTE, Manual


Configured on the monitor (up to 3 settings can be saved), White balance can be copied from saved image

Fine Adjustment

Adjustable ±7 steps on A-B axis or G-M axis



Lens shutter: 1/2000 - 30 seconds
(1/3EV step, 1/8000 - 30 seconds when Electronic Shutter setting is enabled), Bulb
*Shooting at 1/8000 - 2 seconds with Electronic Shutter and Bulb shooting are not available when using a lens that has no lens shutter.


Program Auto Exposure, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Manual Exposure, Bulb, Blur Control*

Auto Modes

Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Night Scene Portrait, Night Scene, Blue Sky, Forest

Scene Modes

Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Moving Object, Night Scene Portrait, Sunset, Blue Sky, Forest, Night Scene, Night Scene HDR*, Night Snap, HDR*, Quick Macro*, Food, Pet, Kids, Surf&Snow, Backlight Silhouette, Candlelight, Stage Lighting, Museum

Face detection available


Custom Image

Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Radiant, Muted, Bleach Bypass, Reversal Film, Monochrome, Cross Processing

Digital Filter (capture)

Toy Camera, High Contrast, Shading, Slim, HDR, Invert Color, Extract Color, Color, Water Color, Posterization, Fish-eye

HDR Capture

Auto, HDR 1, HDR 2

Smart Effect

Brilliant Color, Unicolor Bold, Vintage Color, Cross Processing, Warm Fade, Tone Expansion,
Bold Monochrome, Water Color, Vibrant Color Enhance, USER 1 to 3


Number of shots: 2-9, Exposure adjusted automatically.

Dynamic Range Adjustment

Highlight and/or Shadow correction

Interval Shooting

Shooting interval: 3 sec. to 24 hr., Start Interval setting: immediately from the set time.

Number of shots

up to 999 images

Green simplified mode available


Face detection available

* JPEG Only


Single frame, Continuous (Hi, Lo), Self-timer (12s, 2s), Remote Control (0 sec., 3 sec., continuous), Exposure Bracketing (3 frames, remote control), Multi-exposure (0 sec., Self-time, remote control), Interval Shooting

Continuous Shooting

Approx. 5 fps, JPEG (12M / ??? / Continuous Hi): up to 5 frames,
Approx. 1.5 fps, JPEG (12M / ??? / Continuous Lo): up to 100 frames


Yes (12 sec, 2 sec)

Remote control

Yes (Instant, 3 sec. Delay, Continuous)

EV Compensation

± 3EV (1/3EV step)

AE Lock

Can be assigned to the green/delete button from the menu.
Continuous as long as the shutter release button is pressed halfway.


Playback View

Single frame, multi-image display (4, 9, 30, 56 segments), display magnification (up to 16x, scrolling and quick magnification available), rotating, histogram (Y histogram, RGB histogram), bright/dark area warning, detailed information, folder display, date display, slideshow.

Digital Filters

Base Parameter Adjustment, Toy Camera, High Contrast, Shading, Tone Expansion, Invert Color, Extract Color, Unicolor Bold, Water Color, Posterization, Slim, Fish-eye, Retro, Soft, Sketch Filter, Miniature, Soft, Starburst

RAW Development

File Format (JPEG), Aspect Ratio, Color Space, Custom Image, White
Balance, Sensitivity, High-ISO NR, Shadow Correction, Distortion Correction.


Resize, Cropping (aspect ratio adjustment available), Index, Movie Editing (divide or delete selected frames), Capturing a JPEG still picture from a movie, Red-eye Edit, Saving buffer as a RAW file


Delete single image, delete all images, select & delete, delete folder, delete instant review image


Still: RAW (DNG), JPEG (Exif 2.3), DCF2.0 compliant
Movie: MOV MPEG–4 AVC/H.264 (.mov)


Custom Functions


Mode Memory

10 items

Button/Dial Customization

Green/Delete button: Green Button, Preview, One Push File Format, AE Lock, Enable AF

Quick Dial

Smart Effect, Custom Image, Digital Filter, Aspect Ratio

  • USB Cable I-USB7
  • Battery Charger D-BC68P
  • Strap O-ST131
  • Hot Shoe Cover FK
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery D-LI68
  • AC Plug Cord D-CO2U
  • Software CD ROM S-SW133
  • Body Mount Cover Q

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