Tascam DR-10X Mini Portable Recorder for XLR Microphone

Product Code: TADR10X

Availability:Out of stock

Tascam DR-10X Mini Portable Recorder for XLR Microphone

Product Code: TADR10X

Availability:Out of stock

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  • XLR plug-on connection
  • Compatible with dynamic mics as well as battery-powered condenser mics
  • 48kHz/24-bit linear PCM mono recording
  • WAV files (compatible with BWF format)
  • Media: micro SD/SDHC cards (supports 32GB capacities)
  • Sliding record switch and hold function to prevent misoperation during recording
  • Dual recording function

Record audio without a cable by connecting this unit directly to a dynamic mic with XLR output
This recorder can be attached to a dynamic mic or a battery-powered condenser mic and record its output. This audio recorder is designed for plug-on connection, so it can be connected directly to XLR handheld mics. In addition to dynamic mics, it can also be used with battery-powered condenser mics. In addition to using this recorder with handheld mics in interviews and mics on stands in press conferences, it can also be used for recording seminars, meetings and any other situations using a handheld microphone.

Compact and lightweight
The DR-10X is compact - fitting in the palm of the hand and lightweight at 56.3 grams. In addition, the mic connector has a locking mechanism that ensures a tight fit to the microphone body giving the entire assembly a solid feel. When recording interviews or reporting that requires high audio quality, a field recorder is normally needed. But for small-scale reporting, you can record high-quality audio with just a microphone and the DR-10X. No need to carry bulky equipment - you can now record with a compact rig that you can hold in one hand.

Linear PCM recorder with high-quality audio

Designed to capture high-quality mono audio at 48kHz/24-bit for interviews, meetings and other professional applications
Designed for recording interviews, press conferences, meetings and other professional uses, the recording format used is 48kHz/24-bit mono WAV(BWF format).

Designed to provide reliable recording in the field - with attention to quick device setting and post production needs

Sliding record button and hold function to prevent misoperation during recording
The recording switch uses a sliding mechanism. This prevents misoperation from accidentally pressing a button. In addition, the hold function can prevent recording from being stopped by accidental contact with a button. Since the DR-10X is designed to be used together with a mic as a single unit, it is engineered to prevent misoperation during recording.

Multiple functions, including dual-recording for simultaneously creating a safety track at a lower level
Many times, there is only one chance to get the desired audio. This unit has functions to prevent issues related to recording level settings - including a dual recording function that allows you to set the recording level as high as possible while simultaneously recording a backup track at a lower level. In addition, this unit has an automatic gain control function that adjusts the input level to match the input volume. There is also a limiter function.

Before the battery charge runs out, automatic file closing prevents the loss of already recorded data
You can check the battery level on the easy-to-read organic EL display. Even if the battery should run out expectantly, the unit will automatically close the file to prevent the loss of already recorded data before it shuts down.

Built-in clock function and support for BWF files (time information stored in metadata)This unit has a built-in clock and supports BWF audio files that can have time information added to them. This feature is helpful for searching and editing recorded audio files.

Playback function allows recordings to be checked and headphones output enables input monitoring
Even though this unit is compact, it can play back recorded files. You can also connect headphones to check recorded data right away and to monitor the input during recording.


Recording media

microSD card(64MB to 2GB),
microSDHC card(4GB to 32GB)

Media discharging

Push-Push type (Guard cover mounted)

Recording format


Sampling frequency


Quantization bit rate


Number of channels

1-channel (Mono)

Analog audio Inputs



Input Impedance

10k ohm or more

MIC input gain




3.5mm(1/8") stereo mini jack (DUAL MONO)



Micro-B type 4pin

Maximum Output

USB2.0 HIGH SPEED mass storage class


1 AAA batteries (Alkaline or NiMH),
USB bus power

Power consumption

Battery operation time

Alkaline batteries (EVOLTA)

About 10 hours

Battery (RTC)

Lithium × 1(built in with soldering)


52(W) × 94.4(H) × 28(D) mm


68.3g (including batteries) / 56.3g (without batteries)


USB cable, Owner's Manual (including warranty)

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