Zoom B3 Bass Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator

Product Code: ZOB3

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Zoom B3 Bass Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator

Product Code: ZOB3

Availability:Out of stock

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It's like having three bass pedals in one

The Zoom B3 bass pedal opens the door to a new level of creativity. It offers 99 bass effects, along with 12 amp and cabinet models, and allows you to chain up to three of them together for full multi-effect complexity. Three stompbox-style displays—each with its own dedicated foot switch and control knobs—make it easy to edit effects and bring them in and out as needed. Advanced features like an onboard chromatic tuner, balanced line-level output, USB port, and integrated rhythm patterns and Looper complete the picture. Both onstage and in the studio, you can count on your B3 to deliver the great sound you need from a bass pedal.

Over a hundred different ways to craft your sound

The B3 provides a whopping 111 different onboard DSP effects and amp/cabinet models.

These include compressors, noise gates, filters, equalizers and octave dividers, as well as boosters, overdrives, fuzzes, phasers and flangers, plus chorus, pitch shift, tremolo, vibrato, a sub-octave generator and an intelligent bass synthesizer that plays along in key—even a DeFret effect that changes the tone of a fretted bass into that of a fretless. There are simulations of both classic and contemporary pedals such as the MXR DynaComp, Aphex Punch Factory, dbx 160A, BBE Sonic Maximizer, Q-Tron Envelope Filter, Moog MF-101 and BOSS ODB-3, DS-1, CE-1 and Metal Zone, as well as the Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff, SansAmp Bass Driver DI, MXR Bass D.I.+, Avalon Design U5 and Xotic EP Booster and Bass BB Preamp. Original effects include Zoom's Noise Reduction (ZNR) algorithm, a bass frequency-specific Auto-Wah and a "talking" modulator. You'll also find 20 delays and natural-sounding reverbs here, including rooms, halls, arenas, plates, springs, and tape delay simulators, as well as dual effects such as compressor/distortion, phaser/distortion and compressor/auto-wah.

The dozen amp models provided by the B3 include emulations of classic tube amplifiers like the Ampeg SVT, Fender Bassman, Marshall Super Bass, Polytone Mini-Brute III and acoustic 360, as well as the modern sounds of the Hartke HA3500, SWR SM-900, Aguilar DB750, Gallien-Krueger 800RB, Eden WT-800 and Italian Markbass Little Mark III, each with its own distinct cabinet modeling that can be used to further alter the tonal quality. What's more, you can pair any amp model to any cabinet model for unusual, and often striking effects.

NOTE: Manufacturer names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The names are used only to illustrate sonic characteristics and do not indicate any affiliation with the Zoom Corporation or Zoom North America.

Easy to use and packed with power

The intuitive design of the B3 allows easy navigation in both live and studio settings and makes creating, saving and rearranging effects a breeze. Three LCD screens, each with corresponding foot switches and parameter knobs, form a large graphical interface that allows you to view and edit multiple effects at a glance.

Up to three effects can be used simultaneously, arranged in any order you like, and signal flow can be reversed at the touch of a button. 100 patch memories are provided for the storage of custom edited and chained multi-effects, the first 50 of which are pre-loaded with useful factory settings. Changing patches is near-instantaneous and requires just a tap of a foot switch.

A standard ¼" input jack and passive/active control allow the B3 to be used with any electric bass. Outputs are provided on dual ¼" (one stereo, one mono)and balanced XLR output jacks, enabling the unit to be connected to headphones, amplifiers or line-level devices (pre- or post-effect) such as external effects devices, recorders and mixing boards.

Only 4 AA batteries—either alkaline or rechargeable NiMH—are required for power, or you can use the supplied AC adapter. Battery life is up to 6 hours when using alkaline batteries, and an "Eco" setting automatically powers the unit off if unused for extended periods.

Number of effects: 111

Number of simultaneous effects: 3

Number of patches: 100 (10 banks of 10)

Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz

A/D conversion: 128× oversampling

D/A conversion: 128× oversampling

Signal processing: 32-bit

Frequency characteristics: 20Hz – 20 kHz +1 dB, -6 dB (into 10 kO load)

Display: Backlit dot matrix LCD x 3


Type: Standard mono ¼" phone jack

Rated input level: -20 dBm*

Input impedance: 1 MO ACTIVE/PASSIVE (switch selectable)



Type: Standard mono ¼" phone jack

Maximum output level: +5 dBm (output impedance load of 10 kO or more)


Type: Standard stereo ¼" phone jack

Maximum line output level: +5 dBm

(output impedance load of 10 kO or more)

Maximum headphones output level: 20 mW + 20 mW (into 32O load)


Type: XLR connector

Output impedance: 100 O (HOT-GND, COLD-GND), 200 O (HOT-COLD)

PRE/POST (switch selectable)

GND LIFT (switch selectable)

Control input: For Zoom FP01/FP02/FS01

Battery type: AA size (LR6) battery x 4

Continuous battery operation time: 6 hours when using 4 AA alkaline batteries

AC adapter: DC 9V center-negative, 500 mA (Zoom AD-16)

USB: Firmware update and interface functions

USB interface:

Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz

Bit rate: 16-bit

Compatibility: Windows® XP SP3 (32bit) or newer with Intel® Pentium® 4 1.8GHz or faster, RAM 1GB or more

Windows® Vista SP1 (32bit, 64bit) or newer /

Windows® 7 (32bit, 64bit) with Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core 2.7GHz or faster, RAM 2GB or more

Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7 with Intel® Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster, RAM 1GB or more

Dimensions: 170mm(D) x 234mm(W) x 54mm (H)

Weight: 1.2kg

B3X: 1.6kg

Operation manual

AC adapter (Zoom AD-16)

AA size (LR6) battery x 4

Steinberg Sequel LE recording software

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