Low Prices Guarantee

At RitzCamera.com, our low price guarantee assures you that you are getting a competitive, low price. If you find a price lower than ours on the Internet, and you meet the eligibility requirements listed below, you may qualify for a price match.

You may be eligible for a price-match refund if your request meets the following conditions:

  • Our Low Price Guarantee is valid only for qualified Internet retailers. Qualified internet retailers must be listed on the manufacturer's website.
  • The Internet retailer must have the identical product in-stock and the product is priced accurately.
  • If RitzCamera.com is offering any special give aways or customized outfits (case, strap, quartz date features, free paper, etc.), we cannot consider that an equal item.
  • Price match requests must be submitted within three (3) days from the date of purchase at RitzCamera.com.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee is valid for only one price match per item purchased.
  • We only price match USA retailers and websites.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee is limited to a maximum of $100.00 per price match request.

When requesting a price match, please be aware that prices will be compared on the following criteria:

  • Prices are compared by item and include the product price, applicable taxes, plus shipping & handling charges when calculating the competitor's total price.
  • Ritz only validates price matched on products that state ships in 24hrs.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee does not apply when you use coupons, promotional offers, or product-bundle pricing on the order.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee does not apply to non-USA Warranted products or gray market items on our site. 'Gray' products are purchased overseas by some retailers for unauthorized and unsupported resale in the United States.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee is limited to up to three (3) of the same product, shipped to the same address.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee excludes closeout specials, auction items, clearance items, refurbished or used products, special orders, products subject to a no return policy and incorrect pricing that is the result of a typographical error or omission.
  • We are sorry, we are unable to match prices for orders shipping to Canada.
  • The Low Price Guarantee is subject to change at any time.

    In determining a price match, RitzCamera.com will apply the fair-market price for bundled / kit items offered at no charge with purchase.

Apply for a Price Match

  • To apply for a price match, simply send a copy of your RitzCamera.com sales receipt or invoice as proof of purchase, the competitor's printed and dated Internet ad with price circled and url address and company phone number (so we can validate the price and the product is in stock. Send to:
    PO Box 19705
    Irvine, CA 866-849-3045

Shop with confidence at RitzCamera.com because we are a Manufacturer Authorized Online Reseller for all products offered on our sites. In most cases we can match the pricing submitted by a customer due to our large buying power and inventory volume. However, when the price request goes below our cost we will not honor the lower pricing because it is usually the result of unethical selling practices such as:

  • Retailers selling gray market items, which are items that have been manufactured for overseas distribution. These items can be purchased at lower prices but they do not carry the USA manufacturer warranty, instruction manuals are in a foreign language and the camera may not have the same features.
  • Retailers that offer considerably lower prices online but charge exorbitant shipping, handling and insurance charges.
  • Retailers that employ bait and switch tactics. These unethical retailers show considerably lower prices online and then contact you by telephone and try to force you to buy additional overpriced accessory kits and warranties, or tell you the item is out of stock or discontinued and try to sell you a different product entirely.
  • Retailers that specialize in the sale of discontinued or refurbished products or products that have been purchased in distressed condition and represent those products as new.
  • Retailers that are not Manufacturer Authorized Online Resellers, which can result in the product not being under warranty and thus being sold at lower prices.

RitzCamera.com wants you to be a 100% satisfied customer. We offer the largest online inventory, competitive pricing and added value on most of purchases. We offer Free Shipping on most orders over $100.00, you pay No Sales Tax and we offer a liberal return policy and exchange privileges. (Please see our Return/Exchange Policy) Shop with confidence at RitzCamera.com! Of course, if you receive a great price on an item from another online retailer and are confident that you will receive what you are ordering, then we encourage you to purchase the item from that retailer.

Qualified Internet Retailers

  • Amazon.com
  • BestBuy.com
  • Bluelight.com
  • CircuitCity.com
  • CompUSA.com
  • Dell.com
  • MyCamera.com
  • Officedepot.com
  • Officemax.com
  • Outpost.com
  • Staples
  • Target.com
  • WalMart.com

The competitor's pricing must be their advertised price. Price 'quotes' will not be accepted.