How big is it?

When researching a specific tripod, take a look at the manufacturer’s specifications because they give you a number of crucial details that will help make the right decision. These are the “specs” you should keep in mind when deciding on the size:

The closed length – The length of the tripod legs when it is closed/broken down.

The maximum height – How tall the tripod is when the legs and the center column are fully extended out.

The maximum height with center column closed - When the center column in the middle of the tripod is broken down, it will take a few inches off from the maximum height.

The minimum height - The lowest point the tripod will go for lower angle shots.

The weight / load capacity - How heavy the tripod is without any attachments and how much weight the tripod will hold.


  • Benro MeFoto Travel Tripod Red

  • Joby GorillaPod Camera Tripod (Black/Blue)


  • Polaroid 12" Flexible Tripod With Protective Grip-Foam Coating (Red)

  • Polaroid Studio Series 67-in Combo Professional Tripod w Built-In Removable Monopd

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