Neutral density filters

They are named as such because they stop all spectrum of light uniformly. Neutral density filters are treasured by landscape photographers more than by photographers of any other genres, for the simple reason that they help them to balance the exposure perfectly across the frame in difficult lighting conditions. There are several filter manufacturing companies who produce these filters matching the thread specification of the popular lens sizes. If looking for filters online you will come across popular brands such as Lee, B+W, and Hoya. Neutral density filters come in two different types depending on how much of the filter surface stops light.


The first stops light uniformly across the surface of the filter

needed when you have a really bright sceneand you need to stop light uniformly across the frame.


The second one has a graduated stopping power that increases towards one edge of the filter with the other edge being clear (no stopping power).

used in conditions where the light is uneven across the surface, such as when you are photographing a sunrise or sunset and the horizon

Graduated neutral density filters come in either hard-stop or soft varieties. Hard stop varieties are suitable when there is a clear line between the highlight and the shadow area of the frame. As a photographer you may require a much softer line of demarcation which is suitable when the light diminishes across the frame gradually. A graduated neutral density filter is better suited in such conditions.

Neutral density filters

  • No filter, 1/30 second exp.
  • HOYA ND16, 1/2 sedond exp.4 stop light loss
  • HOYA ND16, 2 sedond exp.6 stop light loss


  • Hoya Pro-1 ND-8X Digital MC Filter
  • Hoya NDX4 HMC (3-Stop) Filter


  • Polaroid Optics Variable Range Neutral Density ND Fader Lens Filter
  • Polaroid Optics ND Neutral Density Lens Filter

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