The newly developed image processor, DIGIC, improves the signal processing algorithm, resulting in improved picture quality, more accurate autofocus and faster image processing speed.
Our digital imaging processor does a lot more than signal processing (developing the image). Canon’s original digital-camera-exclusive processor packs almost every function needed in a digital camera into one chip: JPEG compression/ expansion; memory-card control; LCD/Video control/processing; imaging control (control of CCD periphery); AE, AF, AWB control and more.
Canon developed a super-fast architecture especially for digital cameras with its digital imaging processor. The features found on all Canon digital cameras — high image quality, low power consumption, and large-capacity buffering — stem from this speed.
DIGIC adds several newly developed algorithms to our previous digital imaging processors. Canon’s digital imaging processor can operate at extremely high speeds; complex algorithms for improving image quality can be executed effortlessly.

The processor easily executes numerous operations for algorithms that require an enormous number of calculations even for the slightest gain in image quality. And it does this without any compromise.

Innovative, exclusive and superior. Canon’s lens technology leads the industry in producing super sharp-high resolution pictures. Experience this magic using any of our digital cameras and see why Canon is considered the pioneer in lens technology.

Canon's iSAPS (Intelligent Scene Analysis based on Photographic Space) technology creates natural-appearing images by gathering scene data for more precise autofocus, auto exposure and auto white balance.
Makes quicker calculations for AF/AE/AWB using
"Photographic Space" database.

9-Point AiAF 5-Point AiAF 3-Point AiAF

For more freedom, FlexiZone AF/AE lets you select which part of the frame you wish to focus on without moving your camera.

Freely move a single focus point while in regular AF mode without reframing the shot.

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