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"Was surprised it came so quickly, actually, and it more than meets my expectations. I love my new camera, and it was a quick and easy purchase from Ritz!"

" I have wanted this camera for so long, but could not afford it. I was very excited to see such a great price!!!! Thank You!!! you have made a mom of four very happy!!!"

"Ritzcamera is a great site to get information about different photography equipment. This is especially true for a starter like me. The occasional auctions that you have are great too. Keep up the good work."

"Its fun to visit and interesting to know what's out there. I have children that love cameras as much as I do. We relate to this web site!!!!Great web-site love to check prices, and then see how much cheaper you are!!!!"

"Very Easy to find what I needed and items were in stock. I needed 20 Disposable cameras with a flash for a wedding and I needed them fast. The price was great and everything was smooth and Easy. It was a pleasure!!"

"I think the site is great! I've bought from you this past Christmas without any hassle. I've just forwarded an email to my father to look at a point-and-shoot for my mother's birthday! Great Job!"

"Great site! I'm so glad I found your site while looking to purchase a new camera and using Biz Rate! Your site is very helpful and informative. You certainly have a new customer in me!"

"Loved your site it was so, so easy to buy my husband a digital camera...your prices are great, the no tax and free shipping really sold me also, I will definitely come back for all my photographic needs. Thank you. I think you've got a great site. It's quick, well architected, and makes me want to spend money I don't have. I appreciate the fact that you have a picture of every item I've been interested in. That's a small thing, it lets me know you care."

"This is such a large, nationwide chain, I have a VERY good feeling about placing my order with them vs. placing an order with an unknown, possibly shady online discounter from N.Y. The price for this camera was no more expensivethan the least expensive online N.Y. discounter, and you really never know when you order from some unknown online company what you are going to get or how they will handle any problems that may come up".

"Simple, honest, predictable total cost made the difference. Total cost for identical product at 6 other online shopping sites was higher and difficult to determine due to non-advertised shipping and handling charges."

"I was impressed with the amount of information regarding the product on your website. Some of the sites I visited had little information at all--one had only the name of the product and the price. Also I liked the opportunity to ask questions by e-mail prior to buying."

"I am very pleased with the ease of the ordering process. The website was well designed and easy to navigate. No sales tax, free s&h and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee/return policy were factors that also contributed to my decision to buy here. Would recommend to anyone."

"An effortless, painless, flawless shopping experience with great incentives to boot. I highly recommend!"

"What a deal, I could not have gotten what I wanted any where else for the same price...allowing me to get accessories to accompany my new camera!"

"Very Nice Web Site. Easy to place my order!"

"Ritz camera is the only camera retailer I have found that has a lens remotely close to the one I purchased. That is my reason for choosing, plus I've had good luck with their retail store near me. I especially liked the 360 degree view of the lens and the zoom feature. I will be back."

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