This article was written by the New York Institute of Photography, America’s oldest and largest photography school. NYI provides professional-level training via home study for photographers who want to give their images a professional look, and perhaps earn extra income with their camera.


NYIP Photo Course Want to take better pictures with your new digital camera? Of course you do. That’s why America’s largest photo school for professionals has just launched a multi-media home study Short Course designed to help everybody take great photographs.

Fundamentals of Digital Photography” provides complete instruction on how to use all the features on your digital single lens reflex (DSLR) or other high performance digital camera, and also provides you with an on-call student advisor who will answer your questions via telephone or e-mail. It’s like having a personal photography help desk!

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If you’ve invested in a digital SLR, you want to take the best pictures possible. You want to learn to control this remarkable tool and how to take advantage of its many features. While your camera’s instruction book shows you all the buttons you could push, it can be a little vague about when and why you might use a particular feature.

That’s why the New York Institute of Photography (NYI) created the “Fundamentals” Short Course. Students receive sixteen full-color lessons written by the professionals at NYI bound into eight folios. These colorful lessons are easy to read and are filled with practical information students can actually use during picture-taking sessions, rather than present complicated technical information. In addition, the Course includes interesting audio CD presentations where professional photographers review every topic, and two full-length DVDs that feature NYI prosdemonstrating how they handle different types of photo subjects.

You’ll learn when to use shutter priority, aperture priority, or manual mode instead of always shooting on program mode. You’ll learn about different file formats such as JPEG and RAW, and when and why to use them. You’ll learn about image resolution, compression, and how to protect your digital photos by getting them off your memory card into your computer, and how to make copies of those photos on CD or DVD to protect your pictures in case of computer failure.NYIP Photo Course

In short, you’ll learn how to make your digital camera and your computer into your personal photo studio.

But there’s more to taking great photographs than just mastering your camera. You’ll also learn dozens of tips for better portraits, ideas for capturing sports and news pictures and simple steps you can use to improve the lighting in your photographs. And if you have any questions along the way, the friendly knowledgeable staff of America’s oldest and largest photography school is ready to help you. Just contact your student advisor.

Students who submit a few simple comprehension tests and ten of their photographs will get audio feedback from NYI teachers about how to make their pictures even better, and a Certificate of Completion for the program.

Photo Course CertificateThis course isn’t designed to turn you into a professional photographer. NYI has other courses that do that. But if you own a digital camera and you’re a new parent or grandparent, or love to travel, or need to master the fundamentals of photography for your job, hobby or Website, this is the course for you.

We think this Short Course can be of great benefit to our current and past customers, and that ’s why we’ve arranged for NYI to make it available to our customers. For more information, or to order this photo course, click here.

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