The PowerShot G5, A80 and A75’s advanced image capturing device and powerful zoom with an optional Wide Conversion Lens* let you capture accurate views of the property as it appears, not how the camera translates it. Whether it is an entire home, office, room, or piece of property, now your clients can have complete, high-resolution views of the listings you show, anytime, anywhere. With Canon’s Business Solution for Real Estate, your listings speak for themselves.

*When using the Converter Lenses, we recommend using the LCD monitor to preview composition and refraining from the use of the built-in flash to avoid harsh shadows in the resulting photos.

You can easily categorize photos and access them using a PC. Shoot and print out photos, or e-mail them right to your clients using Canon’s software. Spend more time with clients and let them leave with all they need to know about the property you show. Now, you have all the photo- processing you need, on-location.


Now, you can send clients home from walkthroughs with beautifully detailed, color prints of the spaces you show. Being first is what gets closings done. Whether you choose to use flyers, postcards or website photos, picture quality is crucial. Canon’s Digital Solution helps you put your best foot forward with high-quality photos that professionally present your listings.

After your on-location walkthrough, you can quickly print out photos your clients can walk away with. You can also email or mail these images to offsite clients. A combination of a PowerShot G5, A80 or A75 with a Direct Photo Printer lets you get these high-quality property photos to your clients quickly and easily. Simply connect your PowerShot digital camera directly to a Canon Card Photo Printer, Direct Photo Printer or a PictBridge-compatible Printer and print. Spend more time with your clients instead of away preparing material for them.


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