• A 3.2 Megapixel Canon camera can produce a quality 8" x 10" print.
• You can always size down, but it’s more difficult to size up.
• The wider the view, the more spacious the appearance.
• All of Canon's PowerShot cameras offer panoramic shooting with the Photo Stitch mode and
automatic stitching software included.
• Canon's PowerShot models G5, A80 and A75 have an optional Wide Converter Lens available.

A75 with Wide Converter Lens
Wide Converter*
G5 with Wide Converter Lens
Wide Converter**
Conversion Lens
Adapter LA-DC52C
Conversion Lens
Adapter LA-DC58B
* Requires Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC52C
** Requires Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC58B

When using the Converter Lenses, we recommend using the LCD monitor to preview composition and refraining from the use of the built-in flash to avoid harsh shadows in the resulting photos.

Taken with the PowerShot A75 Digital Camera
Taken with the PowerShot A75 and optional WC-DC52 lens.

• First, try to stabilize the camera and shoot without the flash. (Built-in flash reaches 10 feet.)
• For exterior shots, try to get between the sun and the property you are shooting.
• Use Canon PowerShot's exclusive “Slow Shutter Flash Sync” feature, when shooting indoors. Be sure to hold the camera steadily.

Problem: A flash is used, revealing a dimly lit room with a bright foreground and a dark background.

Solution: Stabilize the camera and shoot without a flash.

Problem: Due to shaking while shooting, the result is a completely
out-of-focus picture.

Solution: Use Canon's Slow Shutter Flash Sync to freeze the moment.

Problem: Shooting into the sun has created a dark subject with a washed out sky.

Solution: Pick the right time of day to shoot, making sure the sun is behind you when you do.

A brightly lit window can be a friend or foe.
• Canon PowerShot cameras offer easy exposure options to brighten a dark photo situation.
• Canon PowerShot cameras allow you to adjust their sensitivity to the environment's light (up to ISO 400).

Problem: Shooting through open windows darkens the room.

Solution: Close the blinds and set the exposure compensation to "+1".

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