Both Windows XP and Mac OS X* automatically detect your PowerShot and open the browser window.

Note: *When using older operating systems, simply double-click on Canon's Browser application icon.

Select the folder where you want your chosen images stored. When this is done, image downloading can begin. When done, you can view your images.


Create, name and place your own folders directly within the browser, then drag all appropriate images into each folder.


Double-click on any photo for a full-size view. Crop, resize or adjust color directly from the browser.


1. Simply select the image(s) you want in the browser, click on Print, and select Custom Layout.


2. Select one or more images and position them as you desire.


3. Add text right from the browser with your choice of font, style and color.


4. Select OK, and your flyer is ready to print on any Canon printer!

Email your image(s) straight from the Canon software! First, select the image. ZoomBrowser or ImageBrowser lets you compress, preview and attach the image to your e-mail.

You can also mail your client a package complete with sharp, detailed photo print-outs of the property! Canon’s wide range of Direct Photo Printers and Card Photo Printers offers a variety of print-sizes, even ID photos for your business card!

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