A valuable revenue-generating tool for event photography & more.
By Heather L. Jones

Sony's SnapLab with 2 additional 4x6 media

The Sony SnapLab is a photographer's own personal kiosk. It provides quick, premium, quality digital prints all in an easy-to-use tabletop device. Because of its portability, ease of use, and quality prints, this device is becoming an additional revenue-generating tool for event photographers and planners.

Features include:

  • 8" viewable, 640 x 480 pixel resolution LCD touch screen.
  • Slots for Memory Stick ™, CompactFlash, SD, SmartMedia, xD and USB - simply insert digital media and use the LCD touch screen keys to operate - No Computer Needed!
  • High speed printing - a 4x6 photo prints in just 16 seconds
  • Dye sublimation technology to output crisp colors on UV-protected, archival quality paper.
  • Zoom, crop, rotate, adjust color, red-eye reduction, sepia or black and white, load custom borders, frames, event names, or logos - all within the unit!

Who has benefitted from the Sony SnapLab?

Sony SnapLab LCD screenWedding & Event Photographers, Fundraisers

Portrait folders
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photo folders.

The SnapLab, with the help of 1-2 assistants, can be a valuable accessory to any event. So often, guests have to wait for months for the professional photographer's photos to be ready to order, and by that time, many have lost interest in the purchase. With the help of an assistant, the SnapLab can be utilized as a kiosk at the event. Guests can look through and select images on the 8" LCD display, purchase the photos, and take prints home with them from the event. Within the SnapLab, there are also options to add event names, additional text, borders, and more - and all within the system - no additional computer or printer needed. The SnapLab grabs images directly from a memory card.

One Michigan photographer states:

"I am a wedding/event photographer, and {the Sony SnapLab} has increased my event profit nearly twofold. We take it with us to weddings, and guests order, pay for, and take home prints from that day's event. They're thrilled to have the pictures, and we're certainly thrilled to make the money... this printer paid for itself in just 2 events - a wedding and a family reunion. Absolutely NO COMPLAINTS!"
Source ('Reviews' tab)

Scrapbooking Enthusiasts

The SnapLab is perfect for scrapbookers. It's portable - perfect for cropping groups. It prints lab-quality photos on UV-protected, archival quality paper - no waiting for shipping, no relying on others to get you the prints from their cameras or computers, and no forgetting that great idea for a layout - just print out the photos right there with no computer necessary - straight from a memory card. The SnapLab also creates custom borders, text, and frames right on the images. It's also capable of reducing red-eye, changing color modes (black and white, sepia, etc.), and more.

Hornblower Cruises

Marshall Emerson, photo operations manager for Hornblower Cruises, realized soon after starting the job that the company – a popular tour boat company (in multiple California venues) – 'was paying too much for the keepsake photos it produced for its passengers.'

Mr. Emerson states, "Customers are always thrilled when we can put a print in their hands right away that they can see and enjoy,” Emerson said.  “It’s far better than sending them home with a CD or a Memory Stick® card."

"Its editing features, which allow you to sharpen and improve the images, and its customization abilities for a particular type of cruise – from a wedding party, to whale watching, to our harbor tours – are just great,” Emerson said.  “They make our photos really special for our guests in a way we could never do with our previous systems."

Law Enforcement

Slots for multiple types of memory cards
Screen shot of the SnapLab that shows how many types of memory cards can be used.

The Upper Saddle River Police Department in New Jersey purchased the SnapLab photofinishing system to make things easier for its officers. Detective Patrick Rotella, who governs the department's photofinishing operations states, "Officers get their prints instantaneously. They don’t have to worry about sending their film out for processing or hooking their camera up to a computer. They just upload their images from Memory Stick® media right into the printer."

"Rotella said the system is used for everything from mug shots to documentation of traffic accidents to images for the D.A.R.E. officer’s presentations to community groups."

Want more information?:

Visit SnapLab product pageVisit the SnapLab product page for more features and details

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