Advanced Creative Control

Advanced controls will keep experienced photographers motivated and inspire beginners to flex their SLR skills. Creative Zone modes include A-DEP to set a "zone of sharpness," Manual, Aperture Priority AE to set the aperture, Shutter Priority AE to set shutter speed, and Program AE to let the camera select different shutter/aperture combinations while maintaining a constant exposure.

Experiment with shutter and aperture while maintaining a constant exposure value.


Set your own shutter speed and the camera will choose an appropriate aperture.

Choose an aperture for dramatic effects while the camera sets the shutter speed.

Capture every dazzling detail with incredible definition.

Let you take complete control of every system whenever you want.


Creative Zone Modes

Program AE

Shutter Priority AE

Aperture Priority AE

Automatic Depth-of-Field AE


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