Ritz Gear Extreme Performance Video Pro 64GB 4K 8K Ultra HD SDXC U3 V60 A1 Memory Card (Read 265mb/s, 120mb/s Write)

Product Code: RGPROSD64GBV60

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Ritz Gear Extreme Performance Video Pro 64GB 4K 8K Ultra HD SDXC U3 V60 A1 Memory Card (Read 265mb/s, 120mb/s Write)

Product Code: RGPROSD64GBV60

Availability:In stock

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  • FROM PASSION TO PROFESSIONAL IN AN INSTANT | 64GB Class-10 SDXC UHS-I Memory Cards Provide the Expanded Storage & High-Speed Performance You Need to Take Your Hobby to the Next Level | Store, Save & Transfer 1080p Full HD, 3D & 8K Ultra HD Videos, High Definition Photographs, MP3 Music & Business Files Without Fail
  • SUPERCHARGED SPEED FOR STUNNING RESULTS | Capture & Upload Images & Recordings with Gorgeous Color, True-to-Life Detail, Sharp Focus & the Fastest Data Transfer Possible | Featuring a Video Class Speed Rating of V60, These Lightning-Fast Cards Allow You to Read/Write at 265/120 MB/s—Perfect for Pro Applications
  • EXTENDED CAPACITY FOR ALL YOUR LARGE FILES | Whether You’re Working with a Digital Camera or HD Camcorder, Never Worry About Running Out of Room!
  • LONG-TERM STORAGE THAT’S BUILT TO LAST | Wherever Your Work or Hobby Takes You, Shoot Confidently Knowing These SDXC Cards are 100% Waterproof, Temperature-Proof, Shock-Proof & X-Ray Safe for Airport Security
  • THE CARDS YOU NEED TO CREATE KILLER CONTENT | No More Dropped Frames, Corrupted Files, or Hours-Long Upload Times! | Get the Professional-Grade File Storage Needed to Produce Amazing Multimedia | Excellent Choice for Wedding Videographers, Photographers, Filmmakers, Vloggers & Social Media Influencers


Bring your storage up to speed.

All too often, professionals and hobbyists invest thousands of dollars into their filming equipment, but settle for slow, cheap, substandard file storage. Now, you can finally take your memory to the next level. Whether you’re a career photographer, snapping as a side gig, or filming for fun, consider these Ritz Gear SDHC Memory Cards your trusty sidekicks!

Enjoy extreme performance for all your photography, videography, and vlogging projects. From massive file sizes to demanding graphics to high definition imaging, our cards allow you to capture every last detail, and with the fastest speeds in the industry. Save and upload work in seconds without compromising visual or audio integrity. Post to your Instagram, YouTube Channel, online portfolio, or video collaboration platform, and on to the next task. With our next-gen data storage solutions, Ritz Gear literally saves the day—so add a pack of SDHC Memory Cards to your cart today!

Make space for what you need— and time for what you love

No more sluggish uploads or maxed out memory. Designed for today’s busy content creators, Ritz Gear’s Extreme Pro SD Memory Cards offer a powerful combination of speed and storage capacity. Get the durability and performance you need to capture, store, and share stunning full HD photos, 4K, 8K Ultra HD and 3D video, MP3s, and other multimedia—without the headache.

Specs & Details

- Type: SDXC, U3, Class 10

- Max Capacity: 128GB

- Read Speed: 265 MB/s

- Write Speed: 120 MB/s

- Compatible with full HD 1080p, 4K, 8K Ultra HD, 3D video, MP3s & more

Lightning-Fast Speed

Enjoy pro quality imaging and detail in every single frame. Powerful Class-10 video speeds are capable of handling the most data-intensive files types.

Incredible Efficiency

Accelerate your workflow like never before. Busy photographers and videographers can shoot, upload, convert, and share files in seconds.

Resilient Construction

Despite their compact size, these formidable storage cards are water, heat, shock, and x-ray proof. Be free to take outside and carry on the road.

Unbelievable Details

When captured on a Ritz Gear memory card, your recordings are noticeably sharper, clearer, and more vivid, boasting a full spectrum of color.

Make room for greatness

Save space on your iphone, tablet, laptop, computer, or another recording or storage device. Ritz Gear’s high-capacity SDHC memory cards provide a permanent place for you to safely store your work.

✓ No corrupted files

✓ No dropped frames

✓ No annoying lag

✓ Integrated lock switch

Added Protection

Use your Ritz Gear SD card holder to safely secure and label cards for storage and travel.


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